Adaptability Scan – Short Term to Long Term

Our Cloud Architects run a cloud adaptability scan on your existing cloud environment, be it Amazon, Azure, GCP or Alibaba. We do a region-wide scan of all your topologies. Once the scan report is complete, we derive a process to optimize your existing environment to save cost. The scan can run one time or can be scheduled to run every quarter. Once the adaptability scan results are complete, our cost optimization teams focus on providing rapid business savings by analyzing the results and proposing solutions based on scan results. The proposed solutions are focused on cost savings and performance improvement.

Consulting – As Needed

Once the adaptability scan reports are complete, its time for the next phase. Based on the results we implement the following:.

  • Automate resource availability (IAAS)
  • Resource sizing (IAAS/PAAS/Containers)
  • Take advantage of Spot Instances and Reserved Instances (IAAS)
  • tilize heat maps to improve cost and performance (IAAS/PAAS)
  • Identify and consolidate idle resources (IAAS/PAAS/Containers)
  • Migrate from IAAS to PAAS/Containers
  • Implement DevOps (IAAS/PAAS/Containers)

Why Choose Cloudologic ?

We were one of the best training companies when we started in 2010. Since then we have come a long way. We now not only upskill people however at the same time we now help businesses with their cloud journey. We do PoCs, help businesses to move to cloud, saving cost on cloud and more.


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